Reliable Bat Removal and Guano Decontamination Services



Houston Bat Removal has been setting the standard in commercial bat removal for the last decade. Our clients include: The City of Houston, MD Anderson, Houston Community College, Rice University, Saint Martin’s Episcopal Church, Dow Corning, Bush Intercontinental Airport, Home Depot, ULTA, Fiesta Markets, AMC theaters, and many apartment complexes and strip malls. All of our buildings are warrantied for 10 years against recolonization of bats and you will never have to worry about the liability of having bats again. To setup your free bat inspection call us at 832.217.9470.


When bats take up residence in your walls or attics it can cause a health hazard in your home. Bats like any structure that will keep them high, dry, warm and safe from predators. Depending on the species, bats will colonize in hundreds or thousands within your walls or attics. It is important to humanely remove the bats as soon as possible because the colony can double in size every year. While bats are essential to maintaining low insect populations, it is extremely hazardous to your health to have them residing in your home. The wall cavities will fill with guano which creates a horrid smell and can produce a potentially hazardous living environment. Guano contains many harmful diseases, bacteria and fungi. Once the fungi spores are airborne guano becomes extremely dangerous and should not be inhaled. Among all mammals, bats are also the leading transmitter of rabies to humans.

If bats have become an issue in your home, let our experts help! Our work has a 5 year Guarantee that no other company can match. We can assure this because we address the issue in the entire home and do not spot treat. Since we specialize in guano decontamination we will not only remove the bats but take care of the waste they leave behind. Our company uses the best sealant product available and will color match it to your home. If you find a bat flying around inside your home, keep an eye on it and call us right away. We offer a 24 hour emergency removal service to come capture your panic causing critter.


Guano Decontamination

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