Meet Our Experienced Bat Removal Specialist

Houston Bat Removal is owned and operated by a biologist named David Long. For more than 12 years, he has been helping clients in Houston, TX address their bat problems through different services.


About the Owner

David Long’s interest in nuisance wildlife control developed from his interests in animals when he was a young boy. He grew up in Montgomery County, PA, where he would wander the streams to capture, observe, and release wild animals and little critters every summer.

His appreciation for wildlife grew when he started his education at Montgomery County Community College, where he met a professor who became his mentor. This professor led him to pursue the sciences.

After receiving his associate’s degree in Biological Science, David Long transferred to the University of Delaware, where he completed his bachelor's in Biology. When he finished his degree, he realized that he wasn’t ready to do a desk or lab job. Instead, he began an apprenticeship with his friend who was a nuisance wildlife control operator.

Through his friend, David Long has learned the art of this task, which he continuously practices up to this day. He merged his love for animals with his passion for serving and educating people.

Today, he is proudly running Houston Bat Removal and helping people with their wildlife removal needs.